Hey Vegans Hey

My name is Kristin, that seems fairly self explanatory, given the title.  I go to school for advertising and studio art- I’m also interested in literature and music, but  most recently my biggest passion is food.  I have been a vegetarian for a handful of years now, and for the past year I have embarked on veganism.  I am utterly and entirely interested in raw foods, however I found that being completely raw (at least at this point of time in my life), is not totally for me.  When I am not a full time college student and have a little bit more money and a little more time, I will probably try more recipes that are totally raw.

Why am I doing this?:

Well, when I became a vegan and began doing more gourmet recipes and raw recipes, it was really difficult.  The average person from the Midwest is not used to using a lot of the spices, don’t know where to find tahini, don’t know what mirin is, and are unaware of how many different kinds of mushrooms there are.  So, what I want to accomplish with this is help anyone who wants to eat (even just a vegan dish if they’re not a vegan) a way to know how to do so.  I have a few vegan blogs that I am a huge fan of and will go there, make a few of my own recipes, and detail where I bought my ingredients and what aisles they will most likely be in.  I’m not in this because I want to publish tons of cook books or because I own a restaurant, so all of my information is pretty unbiased and I have no need to sell you anything, so I hope you enjoy it!

This is not to poetic… but that’s about all I’ve got.  I love food.  I love eating.  Let’s nom together.


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