Seitan Cabbage Wontons

1 8 oz pack of seitan, chopped in food processor

2 1/2 Cups nappa cabbage shredded in a food processor

add to the cabbage and seitan mixture:

1 tsp mirin

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp grated ginger

1 tsp sesame oil

stir the mixture so it’s coated.

in wonton shells add about a teaspoon of mixture into the shell and then follow the brand of wontons you bought on how to seal them up, that will be the easiest way to be sure they hold.  An easy way is just to take a small bowl of water and wet the edges and stick them together to make little triangular wontons.

Cover the wontons with a damp towel while the rest of them are continued to be folded up.

When the wontons are all made, take out a skillet and fry the wontons in oil (I used olive oil, but canola or vegetable oil would work as well).  I drizzled soy sauce on the top of the wontons right as they got off the skillet.  Be sure not to load the skillet too much, so you can flip the wontons when ready.  I did 5 at a time in my wok.

These were pretty good, they tasted delicious but I tried to follow the recipes out of a cook book instead of out of the packaging and didn’t look pretty.  So, I would recommend following those directions.  Finding wonton skins without egg whites took a while to find, but they are available.


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