Movie Night Mac & ‘Cheese’

This ain’t your momma’s mac and cheese.

Probably because there isn’t any cheese in it!

I have seen this exact recipe with multiple different variations on an ingredient here and there- But I’ll give you mine.

This is something that I just sort of feel out until the consistency is right for me.  So when I say spoonful or small handful- that’s really what I mean.  Just feel it out for yourself 🙂

about 3/4 Cup noodles uncooked (I used whole wheat rotini, but anything will work)

2 spoonfuls earth balance butter

1/2 spoonful dijon mustard

1/2 spoonful yellow mustard

1 spoonful hot sauce

2 small handfuls of flour

1 handful of nutritional yeast

splash of soy milk

a dash of salt and pepper

(optional)- 1 slice of tofutti cheese or 1 small handful of daiya cheese… whatever you have around

Cook and drain noodles as directed

Once the noodles are cooked put in all of the other ingredients and stir.  I usually put my heat back on to low while I mix things together so the noodles stay warm and the colder ingredients are heated up just a little bit.  I tore a slice of tofutti mozzarella cheese into my noodles, and stirred it in with the other ingredients until it was completely melted.  The recipe tastes good without the extra calories of the cheese, but I like it a little mac and cheese better with some melty-ness.

Nom Nom.


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