Purely Perfect Peanut Butter Popcorn

For this recipe, I used a stove-top popcorn popper- I have a Whirley pop.  I have seen recipes where you can pop it in a pot with the lid and shake it, but I am not positive on the heat and times for that way.

Just under 1/2 Cup popcorn kernels

olive oil

1 tsp butter (I used Earth Balance)

1.5 Tbsp peanut butter of choice

1 Tbsp sugar, plus a pinch at the end

Alright so I put in enough oil to just coat the bottom
just under 1/2 cup of kernels, because I wanted to leave enough room to be able to really kind of stir the pop corn in my bowl, and it’s always over flowing when I do the full 1/2 cup serving size.
I put in about a table spoon of sugar in with the pop corn… so it wasn’t as sugary as usual since I was going to put peanut butter on it… but still a little sweet.
A sprinkle of salt into the whirley pop

Then I popped the pop corn just over medium until it was done… since there aren’t as many kernels in it, make sure you don’t stop stirring it because when it does start to pop, it burns a little faster, because there are not as many kernels in there to absorb the heat- and it won’t get hard to spin the handle, so really pay attention to the length between pops.

Peanut Butter sauce:
While that was popping I put in a microwaveable dish about 1.5 Tbsp of peanut butter and 1 tsp of Earth Balance butter.  I added the butter because I was using Smucker’s Natural’s peanut butter and it’s thick, so the butter sort of helped thin it out.  I ended up needing it in the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes to get it thin enough to really be able to drizzle. it.

Top it off:
When the pop corn is done, pop it in a bowl
drizzle a little peanut butter then stir the pop corn around, pour some more, stir, until the peanut butter is all gone.

Once it is coated, take just a pinch more of sugar and sprinkle it on top of the hot pop corn and melted peanut butter and it’s ready to go.  You may not need the last pinch of sugar, but the peanut butter I used was natural, so it wasn’t as sweet as Jiffy or Skip.  It needed just a little extra.
This was delicious.

Nom Nom.